Oxygen Therapy: A Holistic Approach to Dental Wellness

You may visit your dentist with different needs and concerns. Your dentist will design a customized treatment plan to help you improve your oral health. Dentistry has evolved tremendously over the recent decades. With the technological advancements in dental care, San Juan Capistrano natural dentistry has started utilizing oxygen therapy in its practice. Let us explore the role of oxygen therapy in dentistry and its benefits. 

The role of oxygen in dentistry 

Oxygen is essential for cells and organs to stay healthy for improved general health. Your dentist can harness it to help improve your dental experience. Dentists use oxygen therapy to treat infections and disinfect prepared teeth before restorations. 

During the oxygen therapy, your dentist will use oxygen that is 100% pure, which is obtained from different sources that combine to form ozone. Just like the ozone layer nourishes the environment, oxygen therapy can protect you during dental care procedures. Your dentists can provide oxygen therapy in three forms, namely, ozonated water, ozonated gas, and ozonated olive oil. 

The benefits of oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy offers the following benefits in dentistry:

  • Less healing time for wounds 
  • Reduced risk of infections and inflammation 
  • Preservation of healthy tissues 
  • Reduces the effect of toxins 
  • Increases blood flow in the soft tissues and bones

What to expect during oxygen therapy?

During an oxygen therapy procedure, your dentist might administer ozone in the following ways:

  • Directly to the tissue

      • If you suffer from a severe dental problem, the dentist might recommend administering ozone gas or ozonated water directly to the affected tissue. 
      • Ozone gas is administered to the affected tissue under a covering to provide disinfection and healing. 
  • Injection

    • To treat internal infections in your oral cavity, your dentist might consider injecting gaseous ozone into the infected site.

Can oxygen therapy help in stress relief at the dental clinic?

Many may be suffering from dental stress and anxiety that can negatively impact their treatment outcomes. To overcome this, many dentists are opting for oxygen therapy. This helps offer a peaceful and relaxing environment, making you comfortable during dental procedures. This can significantly improve the treatment outcomes. You feel less anxious, and it makes your dental visits as comfortable and beneficial as possible. You may feel more energetic and clear-headed after increased exposure to oxygen. This therapy can also make your routine dental visits feel luxurious.


Be well-informed about the role and benefits of oxygen therapy in dentistry. This can offer you significant relief during episodes of stress and anxiety. Discuss your options regarding oxygen therapy with your dentist to reap the maximum benefits.