Tips to Prevent Fine Lines Under Your Eyes

It is natural that your aging skin would lose its elasticity. It even happens because of over-exposure to the sun, health issues and even because of genetics. The wrinkles formation lessens the beauty of the face, thus it is obvious that you want to avoid them. 

People owning 敏感肌 have more problems and often are troubles with some skin issues. They even feel early aging of the skin happens due to their skin being easily getting damaged and sags fast leading to the appearance of wrinkles. They can erase these problems by consulting an expert dermatologist. Retens is highly recommended as they have been recognised as one of the best skincare clinics in Hong Kong having many prestigious awards under its belt. You can know more in detail about their creditability by visiting their official website. 

Understand the prime causes for fine lines appearance under your eyes:

The under eye skin is quite sensitive and soft thus easily gets affected by varied outer and body elements. The UV radiation, continuous smoking, leading stressful life, exposure to outer environment factors and lacking of a nourished diet are some of the reasons for trouble with fine lines under your eyes, which is commonly known as 皺紋

Now, here are the useful modes to avoid fine lines under eyes:

  • Facial exercises are one of the best remedies you can try to practise every day. It tightens the skin and even regular face massage happens. That is the reason for face rollers are highly popular. 
  • Eye needs adequate rest and is free from allergies immediately. The allergies affects your eyes as well as nearby skin. Hence, treat them fast to enjoy wrinkle-free skin. 
  • Exfoliating helps to clear the dead cells and pave way for the formation of new cells. 
  • Keep the skin moisturized. You can have moisturizers having Retinol, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, peptides. Even cooling gels under eye face masks are great to help to lighter the under eye skin colour and keep them healthy. 
  • Exposure to UV rays should be totally avoided to enjoy wrinkle-free face skin. You can wear good quality goggles, use sunscreen lotion having appropriate level of SPF, wear hat or even visors while enjoying the sunbath. 
  • Vitamin C plays a great role in keeping your facial skin hydrated. There are serums, creams, eye patches that have this element and that helps your under eyes skin free from inflammation and dark circles. Vitamin C even helps to smoothen the collagen production resulting in enjoying healthy facial skin. 
  • Retinoids are extracted from Vitamin A controls free radicals and eventually reduce the skin’s oxidative damage. The skin cell degradation reduces and there are lesser chances of skin aging. 
  • Having adequate sleep, leading stress-free life, and eating a balanced diet are few of the secrets to get relief from wrinkles. The under eye skin remains brighter and your skin doesn’t lose its elasticity. 
  • Collagen-boosting peptides are one of the excellent remedies to maintain good skin as it acts as an anti-aging compound. 

Today, armed with the suggestions of an expert dermatologist you can get rid of 眼紋 with ease.