4 Best sleeping positions for asthma:

People with asthma have difficulty respiring and controlling the symptoms with their everyday routine. Nevertheless, researchers have indicated that laying down triggers episodes of asthma. It not only disturbs good sleep but also directs in sleeping problems that have extreme health-related intricacies. The attack initiated while lying down or sleeping comes under night time or nocturnal asthma. Taking medicines such as oxygen therapy, bronchodilators, and corticosteroids has been confirmed to lessen the severity of the attack and improve asthma cure. Here are some sleeping positions for asthma that helps asthma patient effectively:

Lying on the back:

Lying on one’s rear or back with shoulders and neck lifted has proven influential in the case of a nocturnal asthmatic episode. Raising one’s neck and shoulders with two to three or more cushions aids in opening the airways while sleeping. When sinuses dampen more during the night, sleeping with pillows or cushions under the shoulders offers better drainage due to gravity, making breathing more comfortable and shortening and sidestepping asthmatic attacks.

Lying or fibbing on the left side:

Most individuals discover sleeping on the back uncomfortable and favor side sleeping. Sleeping on the left side or flank with a cushion or pillow wedged between the legs is a proven helpful way of decreasing the probability of nocturnal asthmatic attacks. Not only does side sleeping control an attack, but it also aids with gastroesophageal reflux. It is generally known as heartburn, which has been confirmed to be a stimulus in provoking an asthmatic attack.

The physiology after laying on the left side is that gravity plays a critical role. Fibbing on the left side with the head raised sufficiently to help a person through an asthmatic episode. If not viable, adding a pillow between the legs usually helps, too, as adding the pillow supports the spine stability throughout the night and enhances the posture, which ascertains crucial in the long run while maintaining the back.

In addition, sleeping on the left side controls the tongue from slipping back and moving down into the throat, restricting breathing and confirming an influential position to sleep on.

Lying on back with head raised:

Usually, people with shoulder or arm pain have problems sleeping on the side, maybe one or even both, and this causes it to be more complicated and even bulky while sleeping on the side and so lying on the back with a raised head and holding the knees bent with a pillow under the knees have ascertained to be influential in both the cases. The extra cushion under the knees enhances circulation and supports the body’s stability and comfort for asthma cure.

Prone position:

With various positions tested and tried, the prone position has been ascertained to be convincing in relaxing the chest muscles and the trachea while resting or sleeping. In this position, the patient lies on the tummy. It has proven persuasive as it enhances an individual’s oxygen saturation and the lungs’ functioning residual capability. Yet, sleeping on the abdomen can induce some complications too, such as stress in the back and neck, and in worst-case methods, the pillow can obstruct the airway and disturb sleep.

Final words:

Everyone questions how to cure asthma forever when sleeping. The best sleeping position for an asthmatic patient has been proven to be resting or sleeping on the left side.