A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Store Your Breast Pump

Are you prepared to wean from the pump? Here is what to do with your pump when it is no longer in use and how to store it for the next time.

If you’re in the process of weaning from your breast pump and preparing to end your pumping voyage, you may be pondering what to do with your pump – and that’s entirely up to you! There are a variety of ways to store your breast pump, or things you can do if you’d rather not have it in your possession (or on your breasts).

If you anticipate having another child in the near future, you may wish to retain your breast pump for future use.

If you anticipate using a breast pump in the future, it is essential to prepare and store it in a secure location at home, from the flanges to pumping cups. Follow these instructions to store your breast pump appropriately.

Step 1: Clean and Sanitise

Using up-to-date cleansing instructions from an official source such as the CDC, thoroughly clean and sanitise your breast pump, equipment, and all parts and accessories. For accessories that cannot be cleansed with detergent and water (such as your car charger, power adapters, or pump body), use your breast pump and accessory wipes – no soap required! Steam or boil your cleansed breast pump elements to sanitise them. Please refer to the manual that came with your breast pump for instructions.

Step 2: Allow the Equipment to Dry

After cleansing and sanitising, allow your breast pump and accessories to air-dry on a clean, underused dish towel in a clean, germ-free area. Your breast pump and its components may require a full day or longer to thoroughly air-dry, and they must be completely dried before being stored.

Step 3: Packing the Equipment

Before storing your breast pump, cleanse your hands thoroughly. Reassemble your breast pump one last time (we know, you could probably do it in your slumber by now – and maybe you have!) so you don’t have to fret about missing parts when it’s time to retrieve it from storage.

Carefully place your pump and any additional accessories in a clean, protected space, such as a new box that can be securely sealed or a large, sealable food storage bag.

Step 4: Store Equipment in a Safe Location

You can store your breast pump in any clean, dry area of your home, including storage closets and crannies. If you choose to store your pump in a cellar or attic, ensure that the space is dry, well-protected, and at a moderate temperature to prevent any unanticipated damage.

If you don’t need to store your breast pump and are merely seeking to dispose of it, you can recycle it.