Top 5 Delta-8 Gummies in 2022

Delta-8 Gummies are an excellent form of medicinal marijuana containing Delta-8 THC. The dosage per intake is 10 mg and the candies come in a variety of flavors. This list will give you a brief description of Top 5 Delta-8 Gummies so that you may find the perfect one for yourself.

6th Place: Peach

The peach flavor tastes like fresh peaches with a mild sweet taste. You can smell the faint aroma coming from these gummies before you even taste them! There is no cannabis flavor and it’s not too sour either, making this one of the most well rounded flavors on our list. These gummies are available in packs of 5 and 10.

5th Place: Grape

While the flavor may not seem like it, the grape is ripe, sweet and has a potent kick to it. The grapes have a rich signal and you’ll be reaching for the grape ones for sure! The sweet and fruity taste is there but doesn’t cover up the powerful effect of this gummy. The THC content works out at 10 mg per pack, so if you want to get that extra boost in your day, then this one will give you exactly what you need.

4th Place: Orange Mango

This orange mango flavor is one that you’ll want to try out as soon as possible. As soon as you pop one, you’ll be able to smell the fruity smell of mango, but when you actually taste it, you’ll really appreciate this gummy. The orange mango has a sweet and sour taste with a mild kick and will take you on that high ride that is so loved by medicinal cannabis users everywhere.

3rd Place: Banana

This banana flavor is a delicious one. The banana flavor gives off a very subtle aroma as it’s being consumed and there isn’t any sort of THC recognizable scent at all while in your mouth, making this one of the most discreet flavors – which is exactly what this industry needs.

2nd Place: Banana Kiwi

The banana kiwi is another excellent product. The flavor is so exquisite that you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying this one out sooner. The aroma of the gummy will be noticeable as soon as you open the bag and while in your mouth, you’ll get a burst of flavor. The banana kiwi is sweet and sour with a nice kick to it.

1st Place: Orange

What makes this gummy so appealing is the perfect combination of flavors. You taste both the tartness of the orange and the sweetness of the candy, contributing to a more intense taste overall. The orange gummy cannabis gummies also come in a pack of 10, so you can be sure that you’ll have enough to last as long as you need to.


The highly edible nature of these one-of-a-kind cannabis candy products makes them ideal for medical patients who are required to take medication with little change of the flavor or aroma over several hours, and the organic nature and the potency is what makes them preferred by those who suffer from chronic pain or other more severe conditions.