What is Tinnitus and How to Prevent It?

As the body ages, several organs tend to deteriorate over time. Our senses are the first to show signs of degeneration, and while some conditions can be treated with proper care, you need to be extremely cautious when it comes to taking care of the senses. Tinnitus is a medical condition wherein the patients hear a ringing or buzzing sound in their ears. This sound may vary in loudness and frequency. While sometimes it’s continuous, one must know that it is time to visit the doctor when the background noises diminish at the same time. Though the problem is quite common in late adulthood and old age, the condition is extremely unpleasant. 

Here we take a look at a few tips to avoid tinnitus:

  1. Checking the head posture

Keeping an overall good body posture is not just important for the ears, but for the body itself. For those who are already hearing ringing or buzzing noises, they can try placing their head in a better posture, so as to aid in the prevention of tinnitus. You can also try different postures to check if one works for you. 

  1. Keeping the heart healthy

Having a healthy heart is an extremely significant factor in preventing tinnitus because damaged blood vessels are what causes tinnitus in the first place. So, if you want to avoid tinnitus, having a healthy diet and engaging in cardio workouts is necessary. One major habit that affects the heart is smoking. Not only is tobacco harmful to the lungs, but the heart as well, and leads ultimately to tinnitus. So, one needs to quit smoking if they want to avoid tinnitus in the future. 

  1. Protection from loud noises

While one must avoid loud environments as much as possible, it is not always possible. So, you can use soft earplugs or other hearing protection to protect your ears from loud noises. During concerts or parties, take frequent breaks from the loud music to allow the ears to recover a bit. Listening to music at a high-volume using headphones can also damage the hearing to quite some extent. 

In this regard, you can get routine check-ups at dépistage auditif Audiologie Centre-Ouest, every once in a while, to steer clear of such problems. 

With loud noises almost everywhere, protecting the ears is undoubtedly difficult today. But like we take care of the other parts of the body, we must make effort to protect the senses too.