Natural fat burning supplements: what they are

Natural products to lose weight and burn excess fat

In the article we will tell you about natural fat burning supplements and how they can help you.

Looking in the mirror, inevitably, each of us notices some small flaws, from the excessive relaxation of the belly to some roll on the thighs, not to mention the treacherous cellulite. Weight gain and blemishes are two things that we would like to magically disappear without having to make too much effort Best women’s fat burner supplement.

Unfortunately, there are no magic wands that can get us back in shape in a flash. To find a perfect silhouette you need to change your lifestyle by adopting a healthy and balanced diet and starting to do some physical activity.

The most effective fat burner, the one that obtains the best and most lasting results is aerobic physical exercise (running, cycling, aerobics, swimming, cross-country skiing, etc.) but, for those who do not have time to devote to sport , there are small tricks and more than valid allies to rely on.

First of all let’s try to clarify: do fats make you fat?

Too often fats, or rather lipids, are pointed out as the sole cause of weight gain, in reality they are extremely important nutritional components for the balance of our body. They really perform many functions:

produce energy (9 kcal / g)

contribute to the well-being of cell membranes

help blood clotting

provide the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K.

contribute to the creation of myelin

they act as a fat reserve

It is not too much fat that makes you fat, but too many calories . In fact, totally different diets can give the same results on weight if the energy supplied by the foods eaten is the same, regardless of the amount of fat contained in them.

This obviously does not mean that it is correct to exceed with lipids, too much fat in the diet is still risky and can create problems. Our advice is to take an amount of unsaturated fat equal to 20% – 30% of the daily calories.

How natural fat burning supplements work

We have said that fats are the main source of energy for the body and this is where natural fat burning supplements come into play.