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The most well-known nickname for testosterone is the “male sex hormone.” But in fact, it is also produced in the woman’s ovaries, although at much lower levels, and subsequently becomes estradiol, a female sex hormone. Testosterone is typically at its peak in men between the ages of 18 and 21 and then gradually declines—at a rate that varies from person to person. So how do you avoid this decline? Of course, you can take supplements from Best free testosterone booster 2022, which are becoming increasingly popular, especially among athletes.

Effects of Testosterone:

Testosterone does greatly affect the sexual function and libido of men—and a surprising study published in The Lancet even stated that taking it can help menopausal women.

It greatly affects the functioning of men and women alike. Men who suffer from a lack of it often also face depression, weight gain, and fertility problems. So how can you increase the production of the male sex hormone and improve the quality of your life?

In situations like these, certain stimulants like testosterone supplements can be useful. In addition to helping the body produce more of the male hormone (essential for age-related athletes in particular), their use boosts libido and enhances the quality of sex life. Many are also “tough” and not steroid-friendly (although they often admit it only after a career). Additionally, after-course therapy is necessary for this situation to restore hormone levels.

What is testosterone?

Drugs are sold in pharmacies by prescription only. Sports supplements are not. Therefore, we will consider them briefly:

But if you thought testosterone was finishing its function, you’re wrong. Scientists make it clear that when it comes to men’s health, it plays a vital role in a variety of significant processes. Low levels of the male sex hormone can cause depression, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and fat accumulation in the chest and other parts of the body. The decrease in the production of the hormone can also adversely affect hair, bones, and sperm quality.

Natural Testosterone

A natural hormone-like substance, the benefit of which has been proven even by Soviet scientists. True, the tests were carried out on animals. Almost sure, but in small doses, the effect is barely noticeable. In addition to stimulating its testosterone secretion, it optimizes protein synthesis and creatine. Hence, it works best when combined with other types of sports nutrition.

There are still many options for herbal preparations, minerals, and vitamins (all kinds of Yohimbe, forskolin, aspheric acid, ZMA, etc.), which are used as boosters, but they are quite interesting as part of complex supplements, and there is little benefit from them at all.